Wood County Current Events

Free Wood County Community Trainings
Posted 6/19/2017 by mlarson@co.wood.wi.us
The Healthy People Wood County Coalitions, Wood County Wellness Program, and UW Extension have hosted several free community training's called Lunch-n-Learns. View the flyers for upcoming training's and the videos of past Lunch-n-Learns (recorded by Wisconsin Rapids Community Media) by following the links below.
Link April 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: PTSD from a Combat Veteran’s Perspective
Link May 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: Introduction to E-Cigarettes
Link September 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: Hoarding
Link October 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: Cyber-Bullying
Link December 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: The Holiday Blues – Depression
Link January 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Addiction and the Family
Link February 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Interface
Link March 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Cultural Diversity
Link March 28, 2016: Human Trafficking Training/Presentation
Link April 6, 2016: Dose of Reality - The Truth About Heroin In Our Community
Link April 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment
Link May 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Trauma-Informed Care - Terms and Triggers
Link June 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care
Link July 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Being “Well-Being” Focused
Link August 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Learning
Link October 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Identity Theft & Your Credit Report
Link November 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Coping After Loss
Link December 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: A Civil Discourse on Substance Use, Addiction, Prevention and Treatment
Link February 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Heart Health
Link March 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Bring Back the Family Meal
Link April 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Investing In Your Health
Link May 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Bed Bugs & Lice & Fleas, OH MY!
Link June 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Summer Time Fun & Safety
Link July 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: How to Survive (and Thrive) in a Multi-Generational Workforce
Link August 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: 4 Steps to Creating Balance in an Unbalanced World
Link October 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Real Work/Life Balance
Link November 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Cultivating Gratitude