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Brighter Futures Initiative - The LEO Program

LEO Program Logo  Life Ecology Organization, Unlock your brain. 
            Unleash your potential. Brought to you by Wood County Human Services and CW Solutions

The LEO (Life Ecology Organization) Program is an engaging 8-session program for youth ages 14-21 in Wood County. LEO explores how the human brain works and why our brain is not really prepared for the challenges of today’s world. The LEO program teaches critical tools and strategies to use different parts of your brain to achieve lower stress, better memory, more creativity and most importantly, resiliency! Participants of the program report improved quality of life, less anxiety and depression, leadership when problem solving, clarity of thinking, and even optimism for the future. SIMPLY PUT, you are investing in your personal success when you join the LEO movement!

The LEO Program is a component of the Wisconsin Brighter Futures Initiative and operates as a partnership between CW Solutions and Wood County Human Services. LEO concepts are based on 25 years of exploration, research, and practice from Dr.Raj Nijhawan. Please refer to LEO Program Information for details.

LEO Exploration & Mentorship (LEM)

Participants can volunteer to have one-on-one or small group LEO Exploration & Mentorship (LEM) with the Program Coordinator(s), outside of the program classroom sessions. LEM is an optional component to further learning about the brain’s interactions with the world around us and practice tool/ alert application.

LEO Exploration & Mentorship activities include:

  • One-on-one meetings at a public location to review tools taught during program sessions.
  • Assisting the participant with applying various tools to their life and specific situations.
  • Coaching the participant on being a scientist of their brain to evaluate how they are responding to external and internal factors and how the tools are impacting their responses.
  • Small-group sessions with other participants to review tools and discuss strategies of applying them in daily living.

Please refer to LEO Mentorship Information for more info about the LEO Exploration & Mentorship.

For more information regarding LEO and Brighter Futures, please contact: leoprogram@changewithin.net.