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Brighter Futures Initiative - The LEO Program

LEO Program Logo  Life Ecology Organization, Unlock your brain. 
            Unleash your potential. Brought to you by Wood County Human Services and CW Solutions

LEO is an interactive program that explores how the human brain works and why our brain is not prepared for the challenges of today’s world. Our lower brain, designed for our survival, dominants our day to day life. Using neuroplasticity – the ability for the brain to physically rewire itself – LEO teaches how to use different parts of the brain. Youth will learn to use the higher brain instead of the lower brain to achieve lower stress, better memory, more creativity and most importantly,resilience!

LEO teaches tools and strategies to empower youth with practical tools to understand their brains and quickly improve resilience, adaptability, and fearlessness in a rapidly changing, stressful world. Participants of the program report increased resiliency, improved quality of life, reduced anxiety, leadership in problem solving, clarity of thinking and optimism for the future.

LEO concepts and tools were adapted for youth and used with permission by the Life Ecology Organization.

Who can participate in the LEO Program?

To be eligible for the LEO program, a youth participant needs to be:

  • Age 14—20
  • Residing in Wood County or attending school in Wood County
  • Not diagnosed with a substance use disorder by a qualified professional

Program Components

LEO Curriculum Overview

Classroom Sessions:

  • 8 hours of interactive brain science curriculum
  • Facilitated by Wood County Humans Services and CW Solutions staff in various blocks of time (i.e. 2 hours per week for 4 weeks OR 1 hour per week for 8 weeks) at various school/community locations.

LEO Exploration & Mentorship

One-on-one mentorship with the program coordinator where youth can further their learning about the brain’s interactions with the world around us and practice tool/alert application.

Contact Us

Email: leoprogram@changewithin.net