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Sue Kunferman
Sue Kunferman, Director
Wood County Health Department
Wisconsin Rapids Location
Wood County River Block Building (Map)
3rd Floor
111 W Jackson St
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495
Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm Mon-Fri
Phone: (715) 421-8911
Fax: (715) 421-8962

Wood County Health Department
Marshfield Location
Wood County Annex & Health Center (Map)

1600 N Chestnut Ave
Hours: Clinics by appointment only, please call.
Phone: (715) 387-8646

If you need to report a communicable
disease or public health emergency
after hours, please contact the
Wood County Dispatch Center at
(715) 421-8700.

Current Events

Measles Information

Posted 5/2/2019 by velliott@co.wood.wi.us

There have been no measles cases in Wisconsin residents since 2014. However, there are on-going measles cases in neighboring states. More information can be found at the links below.




Who needs a MMR (measles mumps and rubella) vaccine? 

  • For children, two doses of MMR vaccine are needed for full protection. The first dose should be given at 12 through 15 months of age and the second dose at 4 through 6 years of age.
  • Adults born during or after 1957 who received killed measles vaccine or measles vaccine of unknown type, or who cannot document having been vaccinated with a live vaccine or having laboratory-confirmed measles disease should receive at least 1 dose of MMR. Some people at increased risk of exposure to measles (such as healthcare professionals, college students, and international travelers) should receive 2 doses of MMR separated by at least 4 weeks.
  • Adults born before 1957 are considered immune and do not need a vaccine.
  • International travelers: Infants 6 through 11 months of age should receive one dose of MMR vaccine. Infants who get one dose of MMR vaccine before their first birthday should get two more doses (one dose at 12 through 15 months of age and another dose separated by at least 28 days).  Children 12 months of age and older should receive two doses of MMR vaccine, separated by at least 28 days.  Teenagers and adults who do not have evidence of immunity against measles should get two doses of MMR vaccine separated by at least 28 days.

For a dose to be considered valid, the patient needs some type of document that provides the date the vaccine was given and the type of vaccine administered. If someone has no documentation, they can/should receive an MMR now. 


Drinking Water Testing for High Nitrate - Towns of Armenia & Port Edwards

Posted 3/27/2019 by Wood County Environmental Health

Recent tests of wells in the Armenia area indicated levels of nitrate above the drinking water standard. Juneau and Wood County Health Departments are working with the DNR and area farmers to provide free nitrate water tests for residents in the Towns of Port Edwards and Armenia. The test will let participants know if the nitrate level of their drinking water is safe for consumption. Water with a high nitrate level is unsafe for infants, pregnant women and women who may become pregnant, as it may cause birth defects. For all other adults and children, some studies have shown that consuming water with high nitrates may cause cancers, thyroid disease and diabetes.

Who: Homeowners from the Towns of Armenia or Port Edwards

What: Nitrate Test bottle pickup at the Juneau and Wood county Health Departments

When: During regular business hours from March 25th through April 5th.

Collect your sample and drop off on the same day sample is collected.

Sample Drop Off Dates:

April 2nd, April 4th, April 9th or April 11th at the Wood and Juneau County Health Departments.

Samples will be analyzed by the Wood County Water Laboratory at no cost. Participants will receive nitrate results within a month. If the nitrate levels are unsafe, a confirmatory test may be taken by County staff followed by an offer of free drinking water and a water treatment system provided by the Armenia Growers Coalition.

The Counties and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources are working together to find a more permanent solution to high nitrates in the groundwater in this area. Questions?? Call 715-421-8911 or 608-847-722, ext 112 for assistance.


Posted 3/15/2019 by velliott@co.wood.wi.us
Contact: Sue Kunferman (715) 421-8911

During Flood Safety Awareness Week, Wood County Health Department is reminding residents on how to stay safe during flooding events.

Click the link below to view press release.

Wood County Pharmaceutical Drop-off Locations

Posted 1/8/2019 by mlarson@co.wood.wi.us
Prevent misuse and protect the environment!
Bring unwanted, unneeded, or outdated prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to these local drop box locations...
  • Marshfield Clinic Health System Pharmacies
  • Marshfield Police Department
  • Nekoosa Police Department
  • Pittsville Police Department
  • Port Edwards Police Department
  • Town of Grand Rapids Municipal Building
  • Wisconsin Rapids Police Department
  • Wisconsin Rapids Walgreens 
  • Wood County Sheriff's Department
  • Rome Police Department (Adams County)
Bring: Prescription (controlled and non-controlled) and over-the-counter medications, inhalers, ointments, patches, non-aerosol sprays, creams, vials and pet medications.
  • Place all pills and capsules in a zip lock bag.
  • Liquids, creams and sprays must be in their original packaging.
Do Not Bring: Illegal drugs, needles/sharps, aerosol cans, bio-hazardous materials (anything containing a bodily fluid or blood), personal care products (shampoo, soaps, lotions, sunscreens, etc...), household hazardous waste (paint, pesticides, oil, gas).

For more information on locations and office hours, please view the attached flyer.

2019 Wisconsin Rapids Downtown Farmers Market Application

Posted 11/5/2018 by ssalewski@co.wood.wi.us
Attached is the 2019 Wisconsin Rapids Downtown Farmers Market Application. More details will be announced as details of the new location solidify.  

The farmers market will run Mid-June - October 2019. Thursday and Saturdays 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

Please read the rules and regulations and then download the appropriate application for the day you wish to vend. 

Send completed applications to information stated on the form. A fillable PDF version will soon be available. 

Congratulations to Kate Carlson, Wood County Distinguished Public Health Employee!

Posted 9/6/2018 by velliott@co.wood.wi.us
We recognize Kate for her professionalism, inspiration, and outstanding contributions to public health in Wood County and beyond. Kate is a strong leader. She continually strives to actively listen to and understand her clients, co-workers, team members, students, and other’s perspectives to better serve and educate those she comes in contact with. She often goes above and beyond to answer questions and provide accurate information to clients and teammates alike. Co-workers rely on Kate for knowledge and her willingness to help. Kate is known in the community as a reliable resource and is a credible voice for our department. Her strong leadership and mentoring skills help the environmental health team and its customers thrive. It is evident that Kate truly cares about her co-workers and community. Honest, accountable, self-directed, and respectful all describe Kate well. The Health Department’s mission and vision are clearly a part of her everyday work. Her passion for the field is admirable. It is with great pride that we commend Kate for her accomplishments.

Community Resources

Posted 6/19/2017 by mlarson@co.wood.wi.us
Behavioral (Mental) Health Bike Path - Roadmap
The purpose of this "Bike Path" (or roadmap) is to be a first step for families, and individuals under age 21, with behavioral (mental) health concerns. This easy to read guide helps connect Wood County residents with local, state and federal resources and services.

Wood County Area Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery Resources List
The purpose of this resource list is to provide a list of treatment facilities, recovery groups and other resources in Central Wisconsin for those needing counseling or assistance recovering from substance abuse. The information provided may not be inclusive of all resources, but can support those in need.

Free Wood County Community Trainings

Posted 6/19/2017 by mlarson@co.wood.wi.us
The Healthy People Wood County Coalitions, Wood County Wellness Program, and UW Extension have hosted several free community training's called Lunch-n-Learns. View the flyers for upcoming training's and the videos of past Lunch-n-Learns (recorded by Wisconsin Rapids Community Media) by following the links below.
Link April 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: PTSD from a Combat Veteran’s Perspective
Link May 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: Introduction to E-Cigarettes
Link September 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: Hoarding
Link October 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: Cyber-Bullying
Link December 2015 Lunch-n-Learn: The Holiday Blues – Depression
Link January 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Addiction and the Family
Link February 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Interface
Link March 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Cultural Diversity
Link March 28, 2016: Human Trafficking Training/Presentation
Link April 6, 2016: Dose of Reality - The Truth About Heroin In Our Community
Link April 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment
Link May 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Trauma-Informed Care - Terms and Triggers
Link June 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Vicarious Trauma and Self-Care
Link July 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Being “Well-Being” Focused
Link August 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Preparing Children for a Lifetime of Learning
Link October 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Identity Theft & Your Credit Report
Link November 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: Coping After Loss
Link December 2016 Lunch-n-Learn: A Civil Discourse on Substance Use, Addiction, Prevention and Treatment
Link February 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Heart Health
Link March 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Bring Back the Family Meal
Link April 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Investing In Your Health
Link May 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Bed Bugs & Lice & Fleas, OH MY!
Link June 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Summer Time Fun & Safety
Link July 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: How to Survive (and Thrive) in a Multi-Generational Workforce
Link August 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: 4 Steps to Creating Balance in an Unbalanced World
Link October 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Real Work/Life Balance
Link November 2017 Lunch-n-Learn: Cultivating Gratitude

Suicide Prevention Training: QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer)

Posted 6/19/2017 by mlarson@co.wood.wi.us
Suicide prevention is everybody’s business, and anyone can help prevent the tragedy of suicide.

Fact: If people in a crisis get the help they need, they will probably never be suicidal again.

View the attached flyer for more information on how to schedule a training.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Posted 6/19/2017 by mlarson@co.wood.wi.us
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are serious childhood traumas that result in toxic stress that can harm a child's brain. This toxic stress may prevent a child from learning, from playing in a healthy way with other children, and can result in long-term health problems.

Below are links to the ACE Survey and a handout on understanding ACEs. 

Eliminate stigma and share your story of hope!

Posted 6/19/2017 by mlarson@co.wood.wi.us
Healthy People Wood County partnered with WISE (Wisconsin Initiative for Stigma Elimination) to record several Wood County stories of hope and recovery.

Go to the Rogers InHealth website link below for more information and to view video's of hope and recovery.

Congratulations to Val Elliott, Wood County Distinguished Public Health Employee!

Posted 4/18/2016 by krauter-egge@co.wood.wi.us
We recognize Val for her exceptional customer service, great attitude, and hard work. Juggling involvement in multiple teams and program areas, Val makes it all come together. Her efforts and hard work on various coalitions and projects does not go unnoticed! Helpful and flexible are traits that describe Val well. She is always willing to take on new tasks- in Environmental Health, Healthy People, Healthy Smiles and other department areas. Whatever the assignment may be, she puts forth 100% effort and completes it in a timely fashion with quality outcomes. Val believes in the Health Department’s proactive approach and has been actively involved in the strategic planning efforts among other department initiatives that align with our mission. Val consistently demonstrates kindness, dependability and strong work ethic. We appreciate Val’s dedication to public health and thank her for her hard work. It is with great pride and honor that we commend Val for a job well done.

Wood County Community Health Needs Assessment

Posted 9/16/2015 by krauter@co.wood.wi.us
The Wood County Health Department, in partnership with Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital, Aspirus Riverview Hospital and Clinics, Marshfield Clinic, and the Legacy Foundation is working together to determine health needs for Wood County.