Wood County, Wisconsin

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Marriage Licenses

Where to Apply

Wood County Clerk's Office, Room 101, Wood County Courthouse (Map) .

Wisconsin Residents

Residents of Wisconsin must apply to the County Clerk of the county in which either is a resident. They may be married in any county of the state.

Non-Wisconsin Residents

Non-Wisconsin Residents, desiring to be married in Wisconsin, must apply for a license in the county in which they are to be married.

When to Apply

Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Applicants must apply for their license at least 5 days before the ceremony and not more than 30 days before the ceremony. Both parties must be present to apply.


License fee in Wood County is $100.00 (cash or check) payable upon license application.

Application Requirements

  • Documentary proof of birth and residence
    • Certified copy of birth certificate. Proof of birth is mandatory for all applicants per 2007 Wisconsin Act 214 effective 4/22/08. A "Notification of Birth Registration" from the State is not sufficient.
    • Driver's License or Wisconsin ID with your current address. (If your address is not current on your driver's license, please bring other proof of residence).
    • Social Security Number
  • Judgment of Divorce if either party has been divorced. A 6-month waiting period is required in the State of Wisconsin regardless of where you were divorced.
  • Death Certificate if prior spouse is deceased.
  • Please bring contact information for the officiant (Name/address/phone number/email).
  • Blood tests are no longer required.
  • Applicants between the ages of 16 & 18 years of age must have parental or legal guardian's consent to marry. The consent forms are available in the Wood County Clerk's office for a fee of $.50 and must be signed in the presence of the Wood County Clerk's staff by both parents or legal guardian.

Foreign Languages

Documents in another language must have a certified translation. Persons who do not speak and/or understand English must bring an independent interpreter not related to either party when applying.

Court Commissioners and Judges

who will perform marriage ceremonies in Wood County

In the Wisconsin Rapids area

Gary Kryshak 715-423-1400
Steve Walczak 715-421-0333
Circuit Court Judge Nicholas Brazeau 715-421-8518
Circuit Court Judge Gregory Potter 715-421-8520
Municipal Judge Peter Kastenholz 715-421-8465
Municipal Judge David Grace 715-423-4100
Richard Weymouth 715-697-3458

In the Marshfield area

Ann Stevening-Roe 715-387-3451
Harold Wolfgram 715-387-1155