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Our mission, in partnership with the community, is to provide quality, cost effective and accessible human services that maximize the potential of individuals and families.
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Posted 2/11/2020 by dschmutzer@co.wood.wi.us
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The ELEVATE program is a free and voluntary program for non-custodial parents in seeking employment and training opportunities, parenting classes and relationship development with their child(ren) and co-parent.

The ELEVATE program identifies parents strengths, needs and preferences, to offer individualized services. The programs goal is to increase employability through job seeking skills, education and training, and work experience opportunities.

In partnership with Wood County Child Support and CW Solutions, the ELEVATE Program serves non-custodial parents in Wood County. For more information, please visit https://changewithin.net/


New Youth Mentor Program

Posted 8/7/2019 by dschmutzer@co.wood.wi.us

The Youth Mentor Program made its official launch in June 2019. The program was created to fill a need for youth support in the Wood County area, and is now accepting in-house referrals for at-risk youth. This program itself is an intensive, youth-centered, support, and strengths-based program with a goal to provide a caring adult relationship and connection to youth. The program heavily promotes inclusivity, autonomy, safety, values, growth, and empowerment for youth participants. Providing a caring and supportive adult connection for at-risk youth has many benefits including, but not limited to, increased high school graduation rates, increased self-esteem and confidence, reduced out-of-home placement, and improved relationships and decision-making.

The program works with five to seven youth at a time between the ages of 12-18. Youth mentees participate for a minimum of 12 months, meeting with the Youth Mentor Case Manager at least once a week (with a goal of even more contact than this), and can transition out of the program at that time or extend their time in the program if the youth so desires.

Wood County is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a space for support, transformation, and connection where it may not have been available before.

For more information contact Karriann at 715-421-8598.

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