Land & Water Conservation - Tree, Shrub & Wildflower Orders

Wood County’s Tree & Shrub Program has been offered for over 15 years. The program offers a variety of conifers, hardwoods, shrubs, and wildflowers for interested area residents to purchase.

Order forms are available below and the deadline to purchase is mid-January. Tree pickup is typically late April depending on the spring weather.

Each year the office gives landowners the opportunity to purchase these items at a minimal cost. Trees are distributed at the Wood County forestry garage at 650 17th Avenue North, Wisconsin Rapids. All people ordering will receive a notice that will provide exact pickup details for their order prior to the scheduled distribution.

If you are interested in participating in the tree sale, would like your name added to our email or mail lists, or have any questions, please contact the Wood County Land & Water Conservation Department at 715-421-8475 or email

Order Forms

To complete the Tree and Shrub form, use the tab key. Type in your name, address, phone number & email address. Indicate the number of bundles of each species you would like to order. If you tab the form will automatically calculate. To complete the Prairie Grass and Wildflower order form indicate the price in the box next to the seed mix you would like to purchase continue to tab through the form and it will automatically calculate.

Wildflower and Grass Information

Important Tree Program Information

  • Order early, as some trees maybe in short supply and substitutions may be necessary.
  • Payment is due at time of order.
  • We cannot accept credit cards for payment – only checks or cash.
  • NSF checks will be returned with order form and no trees will be available.
  • All people ordering trees will receive a notice via mail or email that will provide pickup dates and times.
  • Items not picked up on designated date/time will not be available for pickup or refund unless arrangements are made with our office prior to the distribution date.
  • Please fill out order form completely and be sure to include sales tax. Please provide a phone number and/or current email address, should there be questions about your order.

Additional Supplies and Equipment

For additional details on the items below including up-to-date purchase and pricing information, please refer to the Tree Shelter, Generic Gel and Tree Planter Information document.

Generic Gel

Generic Gel
Generic Gel

Generic gel is a starch absorbent that retains water and gives it back to the plant during dry periods. The gel increases plant survivability. It comes in granular form and is mixed with water.

Roots are dipped into the solution prior to planting. Generic gel is available throughout the year at the Land & Water Conservation Department and at the DNR Griffith Nursery during their tree pickup usually mid-April to mid-May, call ahead to make sure we have the correct size you want.

Tree Shelters

Tree Shelter
Tree Shelter

Tree shelters are four-foot plastic, seamless, twin-walled tubes. They protect newly planted seedlings from wildlife damage. They produce a greenhouse environment, resulting in high survival rates and faster growth. These are available anytime throughout the year; please call ahead so we can get them to the office for pick up.

Tree Planters

The Land & Water Conservation Department also has three tree planters for rent. The green planter operates off of tractor hydraulics and has a pin hitch. The yellow planter also operates off tractor hydraulics and has a 1 7/8” hitch. The red planter operates with hand pump hydraulics (no tractor hydraulics needed) and has a 1 7/8” hitch. The DNR also has a three-point hitch planter available for rent. We have the hitches if you need them. There is a rental fee per 1000 trees. If you are interested in renting these please call the LCD to schedule a time and get a contract signed.

Tree Spades

Tree Spades
Tree Spades

The Land & Water Conservation Department also has three tree spades available to help you plant your seedlings. They are free of charge but if you loose it or fail to return it you are responsible for the replacement cost. Please call the office to get on the schedule and get a contract signed.

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