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Septic System Program Fee Notice

The Wood County Planning & Zoning Office is required by the State of Wisconsin to track all pumping and maintenance events for every septic system in the County. To cover the cost of this program the County has a $20 Septic System Program Fee for all owners of septic systems to be paid 1 time every 3 years. This $20 fee will be billed out to all Wood County property owners that have a septic system 1 time every 3 years. The purpose of the program is to maintain inspection and pumping information for all systems and to encourage proper system maintenance that contributes to preserving groundwater and surface water quality. The program fee is used to fund maintenance, program staff and other administrative costs. Having a maintenance program is a requirement of Wisconsin Administrative Code and makes the County eligible for annual grant funding opportunities.

For more information on the Maintenance Program and the Septic System Program Fee, refer to the documents listed below.

Sanitary Permits

Sanitary Permit / POWTS Information


County Zoning

Wood County does have countywide Zoning ordinance that is still legally binding. The ordinance was drafted in 1934 and was written specifically to delineate a forestry and recreation district, and spell out how the permitted uses for this district. This ordinance does not identify the Powers Bluff property as part of the forestry or recreation district. Anything that is not delineated as forestry and recreation lands is considered to be in an “unrestricted district.” Due to the narrow scope that this ordinance covers, 11 of the 22 townships, all of the cities and all of the villages have comprehensive and more complete zoning ordinances that they administer on a local basis.

Wood County #700 Zoning Ordinance

Wood County Municipalities with Zoning Ordinances

Municipal Contact Information - Official Wood County Directory


In order to determine what lands are subject to flooding, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has collected data, analyzed it and transferred it to maps. The FEMA maps are called the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM maps) and show areas that are considered to have a 1% chance of a flood every year. This event is also commonly called the "100-year flood". In the Planning & Zoning Office we can help you determine if the property you own or are planning on purchasing is in the floodplain. If you are in the floodplain you may be subject to restrictions on the use of the property and may need to purchase flood insurance in order to secure a loan from a lending institution to build, remodel, or purchase property. In some cases if we are not able to determine if the property is in the floodplain, you may need to contact a registered land surveyor to collect elevation data for final determination.

Wood County #703 Floodplain Ordinance
FEMA Issued Flood Maps - Nov. 2009
Floodplain Permit Application

Shoreland Zoning

Enforcement of the County Shoreland Ordinances pertains especially to properties within 300' of a river or navigable stream, and within 1,000' of a lake. Please note that many very small streams and ditches are regulated as required by the State. Permits may require approval by the Wood County Planning and Zoning Office prior to starting work on the following projects within the shoreland or floodplain zone:

  • Filling, grading, ponding, lagooning, dredging, excavating and any soil disturbance work.
  • Sand blanket or pea gravel
  • Seawall or riprap
  • Additions/alterations to existing structures or reconstruction of structures
  • New construction of any type
  • Retaining walls, sidewalks, driveways or other landscaping
  • When working near lakes and streams, you are advised to contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin Rapids at 715-421-7800, because in most cases permits will be needed from them also. In addition you should contact the municipality that you live in to see if any permits or approval are required for projects that you have planned.
The revised Shoreland Zoning Ordinance #704 has been approved by the County Board. Click the link below to view the full ordinance.

Wood County #704 Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Shoreland Permit Application

Uniform Dwelling Code Inspection (UDC)

As of January 1, 2005 all new dwellings being built are required to be inspected so that they meet State of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code (UDC).

To find out who to contact for UDC inspections, contact your municipal clerk, or visit the Wisconsin Department of Commerce website for an updated listing of UDC inspectors.