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County Surveyor

Wood County has a part-time registered land surveyor in charge of maintaining survey records for Wood County. The surveyor’s office is located in the vault of the Wood County Register of Deeds Office.

Office Hours: Friday’s from 1:00-3:00 p.m. (appointment recommended)
Office Telephone: (715) 421-8528
Email Address: kboyer@co.wood.wi.us

Wood County Surveyor

Kevin Boyer, PLS

Mailing Address : Wood County Surveyor
P.O. Box 8095
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-8095

Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department for questions regarding land records, interactive maps and GIS data at (715) 421-8466.

Professional Land Surveyors Active in Wood County

The attachment below is a listing of professional land surveyors active in Wood County.

Professional Land Surveyors Active in Wood County

Request for Proposal - PLSS Corner Perpetuation & Maintenance

Due By: February 25, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.

Wood County, Wisconsin is seeking proposals for contracted services of a Professional Land Surveyor licensed in the State of Wisconsin to establish and/or maintain PLSS section and quarter section corners as part of the county wide maintenance program. A total of 198 corners have been selected for this RFP. All corners for this project have tie sheets of record and an existing coordinate and are dated from 1998- 2009. Wood County is seeking a lump sum bid for the scope of services detailed in this request for proposal. All proposers are responsible for researching authoritative information that is necessary to respond to this request for proposal.

The complete Request for Proposal can be viewed at the following link.

PLSS Corner Perpetuation & Maintenance Project RFP

All requests for further information should be directed as follows:

Kevin C. Boyer, Wood County Surveyor
715-421-8528 kboyer@co.wood.wi.us

Land Records Coordinator

Paul Bernard, Land Records Coordinator
Wood County Planning & Zoning Office
715-421-8469 pbernard@co.wood.wi.us

Bridge Structure Bench Mark Elevations

The County Surveyor’s Office recently acquired bench mark elevation data for bridge structures from the WisDOT. The following pdf contains an index map and data sheets for 82 bridges in the County that have elevation information.

WisDOT Bridge Structure Bench Marks

Section Corner Coordinate Project for Wood County

The Wood County Section Coordinate project is an ongoing project that is funded annually by the Land Records Modernization budget. The goal of this project is to collect accurate, updated coordinate information of section corners to improve the existing information of sections, which are also known as section summaries. The section coordinate information is the foundation upon which all county data layers are based or will be adjusted to in the future. The progress and success of this ongoing project is important to the quality of land information and mapping. All corners set in the original government survey have survey-grade coordinates, with the exception of those currently under water.

Section Corner Tie Sheet Search Tool

Section Corner Coordinates (ASC)

Wood County, PLSS Section Control Information (Wood County Coordinates)

Request for U.S. Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Corner Remonumentation

The U.S. Public Land Survey System corners are the basis for property ownership in Wood County. These corners were established at great cost by the United States, and re-established by Wood County in the past years. The County recognizes the ongoing need to maintain existing corners and to continually re-establish lost or obliterated corners. In an effort to encourage maintenance of the PLSS, the County has established a cost assistance program. If you are a Registered Land Surveyor in the State of Wisconsin and will be performing a survey in a section where corners need maintenance, please fill out the request form and submit it to the Wood County Surveyor for approval.

PLSS Remonumentation Request Form

GPS Network for Wood County

In 1996, a GPS survey was completed to create a GPS network containing 50 azimuth stations throughout the county intended to meet WisDOT First Order geometric accuracy standard (10ppm

GPS Azimuth Network (ZIP format)

Download includes jpeg scans of station descriptions, pdf map of station distribution and the raw output files (open as text files in Notepad).