County Planning

One of the functions of the Planning & Zoning Office is to coordinate or assist with land use planning activities at the county and the local level. Much of the planning that is done is to meet statutory requirements of the State, or to meet eligibility requirements of grant funding opportunities. Planning activities that take place in the office range from facilitating the planning process for towns in the county, to leading the County Comprehensive plan that is required by state statute.

Local Plans and Zoning

Many municipalities in Wood County have local plans. These communities may have plans for parks and trails, land use or comprehensive plans. Over time many of these need to be reviewed or updated to reflect changing community values or circumstances. At the request of the community the County Planning & Zoning Office works with communities to create or update their plans.

In addition, all the villages (8) and cities (4), and half (11 of 22) towns have zoning ordinances. The zoning ordinances are administered at the local level. At the request of the community our office will work to help with zoning ordinance updates of villages and towns.

County Plans

There are countywide plans that our office is responsible for updating at intervals. The following plans updates are coordinated as well as written by office staff. In addition to the plans listed below we are involved with a variety of area and region plans.

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