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Snowmobiling - Wood County Parks & Forestry

Snowmobiling Announcements

  • Trail conditions can vary widely over short distances. Extra caution should be used in plowed fields as trails may be rough and reduce your speed on corners and curves due to icy conditions.
  • Please note the trail changes in the Nekoosa area and STAY ON MARKED TRAIL!!
  • ATV'S are NOT allowed on Snowmobile trails!

Trail Maps

Trail maps are available at the Wood County Park & Forestry Office and many business locations in Wood County. The most current map is also available in the following digital formats:

Snowmobilers in Wood County
Snowmobilers in Wood County

Wood County has 271.1 miles of snowmobile trails to enjoy. Seven clubs make up the Wood County Snowmobile Alliance and maintain the trails. When snowmobiling, please stay on marked trails. The club information is as follows:

Snowmobile Operators

The State of Wisconsin has adopted, by legislative action, a system of funding whereby snowmobilers themselves pay for the vast network of trails that criss-cross the State. Monies are generated by snowmobile registration and by State gas taxes on the portion of the fuel used by snowmobilers. This fund is administered by the Department of Natural Resources and cooperating counties that have adopted the program. Counties contract with individuals or organizations to develop and maintain trails, usually local snowmobile clubs.

Please Note the Following:

  • Please respect all public and private property and stay on marked trails and routes.
  • Use EXTREME CAUTION on all lakes and streams. "Self-funded" and corridor trails do not cross lakes.
  • Obey all state laws and local ordinances.
  • Do not operate snowmobiles on highways and roads unless posted as a snowmobile route. Snowmobile routes on roads are designated by local ordinance.
  • All snowmobiles must have current registration.