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Employment Assistance and Job Training

Northcentral - Wood County Human Service Department and CW Solutions

Wood County Human Services Department, in partnership with CW Solutions, proudly operates the following NorthCentral Programs.

FoodShare Employment and Training

The FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program is a voluntary employment assistance and job training program which offers FoodShare recipients free services to build or strengthen job skills and find employment. Participants can get help with creating a resume, practicing interview skills and finding job leads through the FSET program. Assistance may also be offered in the form of help with taking classes needed for a GED or English as a Second Language. Costs for transportation and child care while participants look for a job, go to training or go to school may be covered through FSET.

FoodShare Employment and Training

NorthCentral Independent Living Program

The NorthCentral Independent Living (IL) Program serves young adults ages 17 ½ up to age 21 if they have aged out of foster care or were adopted or granted court-ordered guardianship after the age of 16. For specific program eligibility, please go to: Independent Living Program Eligibility Information
These emerging adults are provided IL services by their county social worker(s) in collaboration with our regional IL Coordinators, utilizing our Family Systems, Strengths-Based and Trauma-Informed Care case management approach with our program’s youth.

NorthCentral Independent Living Program

Brighter Futures Initiative - The LEO Program

The LEO (Life Ecology Organization) Program is an engaging 8-session program for youth ages 14-21 in Wood County. LEO explores how the human brain works and why our brain is not really prepared for the challenges of today’s world.

Brighter Futures Initiative LEO (Life Ecology Organization) Program

Children First

Children First is an employment and training program for Non-Custodial Parents (NCPs) who have a court-ordered support obligation. The goal of Children First is to help customers gain and retain employment while strengthening their relationship with their children.

CW Solutions, through a sub-contract, provides Children First services in Wood, Portage and Oneida counties. For more information, please visit www.myfset.net/Children-First and dcf.wisconsin.gov/cs/children-first


The ELEVATE program is a free and voluntary program for non-custodial parents in seeking employment and training opportunities, parenting classes and relationship development with their child(ren) and co-parent.

The ELEVATE program identifies parents’ strengths, needs and preferences, to offer individualized services. The program’s goal is to increase employability through job seeking skills, education and training, and work experience opportunities.

In partnership with Wood County Child Support and CW Solutions, the ELEVATE Program serves non-custodial parents in Wood County. For more information, please visit https://www.changewithin.net/programs